Clients Testimonials

"FRONTIER (ex FMMC) appeared when I lost all hope of accessing European funds, following four rejected projects and a significant amount of money on consultancy. We are currently working with them on an on-going project started in 2017 and have many other projects in preparation. Trust is hard to gain but FRONTIER has consistently demonstrated seriousness and professionalism and most importantly delivered results. " Raluca Prodan, Genetic Center Romania

 "FRONTIER = A team of young and enthusiastic professionals, competent and efficient, rigorously fulfilling their tasks to achieve the objectives  we set together on schedule.  Furthermore, they provide  reliable customer support." Purolite ROMANIA


"In an increasingly specialized society, FRONTIER experts have been our angels in writing successful innovation projects." IMNR-CTT AVANMAT

"Collaboration with the FMMC / FRONTIER team led to the winning of two European projects of 2 million euros each by the Gene and Cell Therapy Center in Cancer Treatment - OncoGen Timisoara." We have noted and appreciate the professionalism and promptness that you prove. " Oncogen Center, Pius Branzeu Hospital Timisoara

"The FRONTIER team has helped us in the implementation of several European projects, demonstrating professionalism and efficiency, even when highly pressured by time. We thank all the team members for the expertize and involvement that they have shown over time. "Holland Farming Agro

"Promptitude, safety, professionalism!". Faculty of Dentistry, Carol Davila Medicine University

(...) In order to assure the integration and the raise of the Romanian research quality, the young team has always helped us in the effort to understand the new European concepts and to find partnerships with companies and research organizations from the European area in Health and Life Sciences (...) Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology N. Simionescu

(...) The Smes Go Health site information is really helpful for all the persons willing to participate in FP7 programmes. I have participated in the training organized by you and now we are in the phase of forming a team capable to realize with your help fruitful partnerships with teams from other countries. We thank you for existing and we wish you success." SC PREGNACIN LTD

(...) We have a very good collaboration with the FMMC team within the project SMEs go Health. I was supported to get in contact with partners from the European Union within the FP7 Programme (?). I have also participated at the training session organized at the Colentina Clinical Hospital, called "FP7 projects' management", training which proved to be very useful for my effective involvement in the realization of the proposal within FP7.Colentina Clinical Hospital, Neuropathology-Research Laboratory

(...) Thanks to the provided information and facilitated connections, I have succeeded in sending the documents for a partnership within a FP7 project proposal; we found out in time about financing opportunities; the collaboration was useful, easy, quick and very efficient. As a consequence, please accept my thanks (...) Victor Babes National Institute for Research and Development, Bucharest

"I have observed over the period of collaboration - being present at many trainings and brokerage events - the openness, the amiability, the cooperation and the professionalism of your team. I have also observed the promptitude of the information about the financing we were interested about. (...) Popa Medicine and Pharmacy University from Iasi

"(...) You have a competent and serious team. We have got many announcements about the potential partnerships; we were supported to get in touch with different partners. We have exchanged information. Thank you for your help. National Institute for Research and Development in Biological Sciences from Bucharest

(...) Even if I am not a very old partner of yours, I permanently enjoyed myself being informed about the financing opportunities, especially the ones I was interested in. The benefits of a well informed researcher are huge and I hope to have this chance also in the future through our collaboration. I wish you success and to remain as available and prompt at our inquires, as opened to communication and collaboration as you were until now" Medical genetics, Victor Babes Medicine and Pharmacy University Timisoara, National Alliance of Rare Diseases from Romania