About us

FRONTIER MANAGEMENT CONSULTING is the new name of the company FM Management Consultancy which successfully activates on the Romanian consulting market.

Why FRONTIER?Because our activity and the complexity of our projects challenged the frontiers of the business we started 16 years ago.

Our mission:

To develop our society through Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellence!

Our vision: Challenge your business frontiers!

We think that at a certain time, in order to bring your idea to life, all you need is a "nudge" and a little bit of courage! We are here to support the ideas of the people who felt the "nudge" and do not have the  courage or people who have them both and just want to develop their idea in an organized and controlled way .

Our values:

Flexibility-We are flexible and adaptable to your needs!
Recognize-Recognize and respect the passion and personality of each idea !

Originality-We bet on the novelty of your idea!

Nucleus-Your idea is the nucleus of a future successful project.

Transparency-Is the core of a sustainable partnership relation !

Innovation-is the fundamental principle of our company!

Excellence- We strive to go beyond the frontiers of excellence!

Responsibility-We are committed to develop a sustainable society!