FRONTIER- Technology Information Center

FRONTIER as a Technology Information Center in the field of health, bio-economy and related industries aims to achieve the following objectives:


Ø Identify and facilitate business projects based on results of research and technological development.

Ø Supporting SMEs in the health, bio-economy and related industries, as well as the entire business environment in terms of business sustainability - products, services and processes - by capitalizing on information from the academic environment, offering consulting and technical assistance

Ø Identify and facilitate business projects based on results of research and technological development

Ø Development of partnerships between the business environment and the RDI environment (research and development - innovation)

Ø Recommendation of experts to interested parties and the development of expertise on request.


Service description:

The Technology Information Center FRONTIER (CIT FRONTIER) will operate in Bucharest in the Bucharest-Ilfov region. The Technological Information Center - an entity that conducts dissemination of information on the results of research, development, innovation, technological documentation and training of economic agents in order to stimulate the valorisation of the results, creation and development of the innovative behavior of the socio-economic environment, has the role of a:
• Identify sources of information (formalized and informed);
• Order the information, depending on the importance;
• Prepare information in order to increase their value;
• Complete and verify the information;
• Evaluate and select information;
• Store information;
• Valorize the information.


CIT FRONTIER offers the following types of specialized and assistance services for public and private entities:

• Business Assistance Services for Innovation and Technology Transfer;
• Information technology services, technological audit, watch and technological forecasting;
• Assistance to businesses and, in particular, small and medium-sized enterprises to:
- obtaining funds within national and international programs;
- identification of university and research partners;
- ensuring access to specialized databases;
- information on national, regional and local priorities.


The beneficiaries of the services offered by CIT FRONTIER are:

• RDI public entities: universities, public R & D institutes, and hospitals, health, bio-economy and related industries.
• private entities carrying out or wishing to carry out research and development - innovation, start-up, spin-of-clusters, health, bio-economy and related industries.

This service is a complex one, with FRONTIER consultants providing an entire project management cycle to clients in order to develop project proposals that can be used to fund research, development and innovation funding.

Categories of activities provided to clients by FRONTIER consultants:

• Identifying potential partners (SMEs, universities, research centers and institutes, chambers of commerce, technology transfer entities, etc.) to collaborate on long-term projects in national and European programs;
• Determining the needs of clients in terms of sustainable, efficient, economical and profitable development;
• analyzing client's project ideas in parallel by selecting the sources of funding available to such ideas and presenting them;
• the analysis of the eligibility of the project ideas, the expected activities, the application organization from the point of view of the general and specific requests of the Financier;
• looking for partners, internal or external: promoting the project ideas defined to potential business partners (in the case of partnerships) or facilitating technology transfer in the case of research-based projects: Patents, Research Reports, etc. .;
• training the human resource for the purpose of writing projects;
• preparation of the necessary documentation (financing applications, related studies, supplementary documents);
• budgeting of activities, elaboration of the cash-flow of the project;
• Collaboration with the Contracting Authority;
• Contracting;
• Ensuring project management on implementation phases (monitoring activities, costs, deliverables, quality, reporting, auditing)
• Closing the project.


Advantages of the service provided

The complex service presented above is based on the customer's need, using the experience of FRONTIER consultants can significantly increase the chances of obtaining funds and successful implementation of the project because:
• in the first phase it is ensured access to the competition, by elaborating a project proposal in accordance with the specifications of the financier, while fully respecting the eligibility criteria,
• After selecting the project for funding, he / she receives assistance at the contracting stage
• after the contract, the expertise required to ensure a sound and rigorous project management, following the standard management procedures, so that the implementation of the project is a success.


Needs satisfied by the service rendered 

Through the service provided to the client, the following needs are met, which are important for its development:

• Mechanisms and tools are provided to help him / her in choosing the ideal project idea from the organization 
• there are presented sources of funding specific to his selected project ideas 
• is supported in promoting project ideas and finding partners, including checking them 
• Provide support for the writing of a competitive project proposal 
• is supported in the negotiation and contracting phase 
• will have innovative management mechanisms 
• his / her staff is trained and later on becomes fit to carry out the above activities without support 

By satisfying the above mentioned needs, the success rate of the submitted and contracted projects increases.