• 1587730219-The EGI call for COVID-19 research projects is now open!

The EGI call for COVID-19 research projects is now open!

EGI and OSG encourage COVID-19 research projects to apply to this call and take advantage of:

· sponsored access to computing and storage facilities of EGI and OSG to perform high-performance simulations and data analytics

· support from cloud, compute and data architects to port scientific applications and datasets to EGI compute and storage resources

· catalogue of ready-to-use, pre-configured virtual machine images that can run on any of the federated EGI cloud centres

· Jupyter notebook and other interfaces to access scientific data and to define, run and refine data analysis code and workflows

By applying to the call you can access:

· Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds, HTC compute and storage resources of EGI and OSG in the USA.

· Network of experts who can help you port custom data analytics and simulation applications and code to the infrastructure resources

· A portfolio of tools, applications and virtual machine images that can be used and customised on the infrastructure resources for your analysis

· Notebook interface, a workload manager and data management services to define and manage complex data staging and analysis scenarios

· Access to all these services via graphical portal, command line tools or Application Programming Interfaces

Who should apply:

Scientific institutes, projects and teams addressing COVID-19 research.

All information about the call HERE: https://www.egi.eu/egi-call-for-covid-19-research-projects/

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